Bohmermann and heufer-umlauf ask for donations

Bohmermann and heufer-umlauf ask for donations

TV presenters jan bohmermann and klaas heufer-umlauf have called for donations for the sea rescuers of the german aid organization sea watch and their captain carola rackete, who was arrested in italy. In a good five-minute video posted on youtube in the night to sunday they showed themselves shocked by the events on the italian island of lampedusa.

Bohmermann said: "with the events of the last few days, this inhumane, cold-blooded and unscrupulous policy has reached a new low."They stressed in a joint declaration: "who saves human lives, is not a criminal." Like most could not help personally on the spot in the mediterranean sea. "That’s why we want to donate and collect money together with you."

The rescue ship "sea-watch 3" had docked in the night to saturday after more than two weeks on the open sea with 40 migrants without permission in the port of the italian island of lampedusa. The captain was arrested, the ship seized. The captain faces not only a fine, but in the worst case imprisonment.

Donations in the amount of more than 140,000 euros had already been received by early sunday morning. Heufer-umlauf immediately thanked the donations: "wow! Thanks to all!" He wrote on twitter. In case the italian authorities prosecuted racketeers, "we will, like last year, collect and donate money for the legal costs and expenses incurred by the lifesavers". The action should run until the end of july.

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