Bottom reached?

bottom reached?

It is minimal changes that give hope to many mayors in the district. For years, the number of inhabitants in many towns, markets and communities has steadily declined. Now they are stagnating in many places – or even rising again. The bottom has been reached?
A survey of some of the mayors paints a clear picture: optimism – albeit still cautious. The consensus is that adequate and affordable housing is essential to keeping people in the area and possibly attracting new residents as well. Good infrastructure: shopping facilities, kindergarten places, but also a satisfactory supply of high-speed internet access.
In the city of kulmbach, hopes are pinned on the planned university campus. Up to 1000 students and in addition several hundred people of personnel – perhaps even with family – could come to the city with it.
The current figures of the cities, markets and communities show a population of 73012 for the district of kulmbach. One year ago, on the reporting date of 31. December 2016, the population still amounted to 72939.
A detailed overview of the development in the individual municipalities and statements of some mayors can be found in short hereon infranken.

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