Burgers want more say

The idea of building a vacation village on the muhlberg has triggered unrest among the people of steinwiesen. About 200 citizens signed a list to get more information about this project. At a meeting last thursday, 30 people came together and founded the citizens’ initiative "unser steinwiesen". According to the initiative, it demands a public and open discussion about the project, the preparations for which have so far been decided only in closed sessions of the municipal council. The second main goal of the initiative is to actively participate in the discussion about the future of the community and to develop proposals for sustainable, environmentally friendly tourism in the municipality.

Unanimously nominated as speakers: christiane geipel, klaus kufner, ina jonak, kathrin and peter behrschmidt.

At the foundation meeting, it was explained that a vacation village is to be built on a flat area of about 4 hectares on the muhlberg between the stone meadows and nurn in the landscape conservation area. In order to realize this project, 17 hectares had to be taken out of the landscape protection in order to create a connection to the building area in steinwiesen. The development by road, water, canal and stream should be done from nurn.

The burgers became aware of the dumping of large quantities of excavated material on the muhlberg in june 2018. These deposits were only subsequently approved by the district office of kronach, because it was asked how such a thing could be possible.

A gain for the community?

According to the citizens’ initiative, the question for many citizens is whether this huttendorf actually represents a gain for the community that justifies the abandonment of the muhlberg as a recreation area for walkers, hikers, joggers, mushroom hunters, berry pickers, as well as a refuge for wildlife, insects and birds, and the abandonment of landscape conservation. A vacation village with rough use of land in the middle of the landscape protection destroys the character of muhlberg. Therefore, there must be no abolition of the landscape protection and no extension of the building area rognitz.

The initiative demands a say in such major interventions in the landscape, which affect many citizens and residents, even before decisive decisions are made. Until now, many citizens felt ignored and not sufficiently informed.

Development in steps

In a lively discussion, it became clear that the initiative is not opposed to a chalet village if it is located in the area of the existing development plans of the municipality.

The citizens’ initiative wants to preserve the muhlberg in its current form and show that developing the community in many small steps is the better alternative

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