Certificates for successful tsv athletes

Certificates for successful tsv athletes

Every year, at the end of the year, the TSV oberthulba e.V. In the context of a small celebration the presentation of the certificates acquired over the year – german sport badge – of the DOSB and the DLV running, walking and nordic walking badge.

What started eight years ago with a handful of interested people under the leadership of anette appel has grown over the past few years to become a permanent sports group with approx. 50 participants grown.

Under the guidance of the trained instructors anette appel, matthias huttl, jurgen kamperdicks, heike and werner fischer, the students trained hard once a week during the summer months and took their examinations. In suitable weather, he and heike went to the swimming pool to prove their swimming skills. "Sports are healthy, fun, and everyone can find their own individual challenge, said werner fischer at the award ceremony for the athletes. He praised the sporting activity in the community and especially the young participants. Those who are active at a young age usually remain active throughout their lives. 52 participants from different age groups took the sports badge.

The german sports badge was awarded in three levels by the executive board together with the exercise leaders: one bronze, 15 silver and 36 gold. If you wanted to achieve gold, you had to practice. Nevertheless, the achievement of the sports badge is a nice way to do popular sports.

The recognition of this certification is reflected in the fact that more and more training companies are requesting proof of this certification in their applications. Three years ago, together with some participants in the sports badge, the DLV running, walking and nordic walking badges were taken for the first time at TSV oberthulba e.V. The project is still being organized and approved today by jurgen kamperdicks.

Also this year, jurgen kamperdicks and his running group took part in various running events and completed various running badges. The running badge of the third level (60 minutes) was acquired five times and repeated three times. Seven new participants were also honored for level four of the running badge (90 minutes). Through the rough training sessions, some personal goals of the participants could also be achieved, and with a ten-kilometer run, or rather, a race, the participants were able to achieve their goals. Half marathon to be completed at the run&fun event in bad kissingen. New goals, such as the 120-minute endurance run (level five) are already being considered for 2019.

The "TSV sports certificate for toddlers, who wanted to introduce children to popular sports in a playful way, was awarded again. In addition to children’s gymnastics and bambini soccer, the main goal here is fun and enjoyment, and always with the olympic idea in mind: "taking part is everything". According to this motto, all the children gave their best and received the certificate for their personal achievements. Due to the continuing interest in athletics, especially among children and young people, TSV oberthulba founded its own department for the first time. Christina fuller and roland frohlich, trained sports teachers, have been training the participants since the summer, and the first successes in sports competitions are impressive.

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