Clear criticism of the city council

The CSU local association has resumed its local political meetings. The dissolution of cult tourism and the reduction of property and business taxes have been criticized.
As "gimmickry and a misguided decision" those present described the tax cut, the loss of revenue of approx. 220,000 euros. A lump-sum reduction of 246,000 euros in the administrative budget had been made as counter-financing for 2017. The CSU members doubted whether it would be possible to make further cuts of this size in future years.Referred to the high per capita debt of 2028 euros despite reduction.
There were fears that the tax cut would jeopardize budget consolidation and that the stabilization aid could be withdrawn. It was reminded that in the next few years there will be considerable investment cuts; the renovation of the multipurpose hall and the construction of the fire station were mentioned.
Another topic was the decision of the city council to close the municipal enterprise "kultourismus" to draw. This stieb with the CSU on no understanding. The city council’s handling of the dismissed employees was criticized. The cost increase resulting from the newly created constellation with two full-time managers, one part-time position and temporary workers is already as high as the entire budget of kultourismus, it haiebs.
While the organization of the city festival was viewed positively, the CSU again disagreed that the museum should only be open to the public from 1 january. October should be opened again.
Local chairman thorsten harnus announced that more evenings will follow.

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