Consumers pay more for christmas candy

consumers pay more for christmas candy

In the 2018 christmas season, they spent more than 621 million euros on this in food retailers and drugstores, according to a recent analysis by the market research company nielsen. Compared to the previous year, this means an increase of 1.7 percent. According to the market researchers, the growth is not due to a greater appetite for snacks, but exclusively to price increases.

"We are observing that consumers are having to dig deeper and deeper into their pockets for christmas sweets and that prices have risen significantly," nielsen sub-products expert monika seeger told the deutsche presse agency. This is more than compensated for by the lower sales volumes of the monoblocs.

According to the market researchers, a total of nearly 44.000 tons of christmas candy over the counter – 3 percent less than the year before. Chocolate figures are the undisputed number one on the popularity scale. Almost 10.000 tons of it bought the bundesburgers. Marzipan followed in second place with some distance.

Christmas sweet tooth is also subject to fashions, however. "Frothy sugar confectionery has a firm place on more and more german christmas plates. Marzipan and fruit wine gums, on the other hand, have become much less popular," seeger reported.

According to market researchers, christmas calorie bombs are preferably bought at discounters. At aldi, lidl and co. Accordingly, almost two-thirds of the demand for christmas sweets goes over the counter.

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