Fate of the neundorf school has been clarified

fate of the neundorf school has been clarified

The problem of the vacant school in neundorf, which has caused great waves in the weitramsdorf district, has been solved. At an extraordinary meeting of members, the four local associations voted by a majority in favor of conversion and use. Originally the school was supposed to become the domicile of the diaconia station weitramsdorf-seblach, but this fell through due to some disagreements. The diaconia station has acquired an old building in dietersdorf, which it is renovating to suit its needs.
Fortunately, coburg investor thomas steinbruckner was found for the neundorf school, who, according to mayor wolfgang bauersachs (bfb), wants to have technical flying equipment such as drones manufactured there. Since the local associations in neundorf, especially the brass band, need the premises, there had previously been considerable trouble in the weitramsdorf district about the future of the building. The brass band needs a rehearsal room and storage space for its materials and was worried about where to meet in the future. Other clubs that had previously used the school building also felt the same way.

Sale has taken place

The transfer of ownership to the new owner has already taken place, which means that the municipality of weitramsdorf has sold the property. It has been contractually agreed with the new owner that a right of use will be entered in the land register for the associations in parts of the building. The brass band has chosen the upper floor as its domicile, although this space can also be used by other associations. The basement should serve all clubs. The playground can no longer be used. The consumption costs (electricity, water, heating) should be borne by the associations for the premises. Named 2500 euro per year. There is no rent for it. The conversion costs, estimated at 6900 euros, will be borne by the community. The work is being done by the school’s own efforts.

Partly severe criticism

Under the leadership of andreas bohm, the approximately 100 members of the four local associations, the fire department, the brass band, the fruit and horticulture association and the concordia cycling club, dealt with these modalities, always under the premise "we need space". Bohm did not hesitate to criticize. The municipal council got its fat off: "zero concept has been developed by it and no interest in cooperation has been shown." He accused the mayor of having delayed the whole process. The head of the municipal building department, sven scherbel, was also criticized. Its cost calculation was not comprehensible and defective. Bohm said again and again: "dilettantisch." The neundorf clubs therefore want to look for alternatives to the cost calculation drawn up by the municipality of weitramsdorf.
Bohm stressed that he wanted to continue to strengthen cohesion in the village. The assembly suggested that the municipality of weitramsdorf should make the entire sales proceeds available to the associations of neundorf, since the school is a local facility. In addition, the question was raised as to why the school was not offered for sale to the associations. In the end, it became clear that there is no alternative to the current approach. Mayor wolfgang bauersachs, who had been sitting quietly in the corner all this time, was asked for a statement. When he took the floor, he said, "I don’t blame myself for the way things went, and I’m happy with the way things went, which was no easy task."

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