Fire station in gaiganz to be expanded

Fire station in gaiganz to be expanded

At the town council meeting in effeltrich, the topics were the commissioning of a town planner for the urban development of the town center, the sparing of the roof area of the elementary school and the application for the expansion of the fire station in gaiganz.

In 2017, the integrated urban development concept (isek) was used to develop plans for the redevelopment and conservation of the town center. In order to drive forward and coordinate the various urban development measures, the municipality now wants to hire an urban planner. First of all, the planner is to develop a redevelopment concept and a redevelopment statute; the municipality needs both in order to be able to benefit from state subsidies under the urban development requirement.

Two urban planners responded to the call for tenders. Both were invited to the meeting to present themselves and their company: dieter blase from topos-team-stadtplanung (nurnberg) and franz ulrich from "plan und werk", office for urban planning and architecture (bamberg).

Both reported, supported by images, on projects in the region that they had already realized. They explained how they would accompany the redevelopment in effeltrich and involve the citizens, in what order they thought it should be done. The council asked numerous questions; no decision was made on an ad hoc basis. Next week, a decision will be made as to which of the two planning offices will be awarded the contract.

In the course of the general renovation of the school in effeltrich, the entire pit area is to be spared, i.E. The schoolyard and the pit areas around the school, along rosenweg and including the land behind the school by the brook.

Landscape architect

The administration had asked several landscape planners and passed on the task; three offices sent offers, i.E. Plans and cost forecasts. The contract was awarded to landscape architect karin niblein (hochstadt/A.). They presented their design in the meeting. He is characterized by the fact that every opportunity is used for the greening: for example, there is a "green classroom", a school garden, raised beds and hedges for the children to hide in. The existing trees are also incorporated in a meaningful way. Play areas with a wide range of options for balancing, climbing and swinging, as well as quiet areas for resting or reading, are planned.

The rate were very impressed and satisfied with the design. Concerns about the costs – which are expected to amount to 546,000 euros – were deferred for the time being, since a sum of money is needed first of all for the FAG application (demand according to the financial equalization law) for the general renovation of the school, which must be submitted promptly.

Before implementing the design, it is still possible to consider where savings can be made, reassured mayor kathrin heimann (DEL). Thereupon, the community council unanimously decided to approve the presented design.

Trimming carrier is necessary

The F gaiganz had announced in mid-june that it had had the fire station inspected by an expert. It turned out that a support beam had to be installed and that the heating system as well as the windows and the house door had to be renewed. In addition, district fire chief oliver flake had already pointed out in a letter in april 2018 that a standard parking space for the team transport vehicle was missing.

According to fire department commander christian voit, this problem could be solved by building an extension to the fire station. Local councillor norbert giersch () suggested that the architekturburo norbert siewertsen (baiersdorf) be commissioned with the renovation and extension in the near future, as he had already taken a closer look at the fire station building. The council therefore unanimously decided to award the contract to architect siewertsen.

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