Foster family wanted

Foster family wanted! A topic that the youth and family department at the district administration office is currently having to deal with more intensively, because full-time foster parents are urgently needed in the district as well. "Wanted! Foster families" is the title of the author’s reading and the book by doris fery, to which the subject area on wednesday, 23. October, at 7 p.M. In the former synagogue. Doris fery is not only the author, but also a long-time foster mother herself, and can therefore share her experiences. She knows all the phases of a foster family: from the application and aptitude test, through the management of difficult phases and the experience of happy moments, to the termination of the foster relationship. It provides food for thought for a topic that should be given even more attention in the public sphere. The youth and family department is looking for families, individuals or couples who are interested in taking in a foster child for the short, medium or long term. At the author’s reading in the synagogue, the specialists of the foster child service of the youth and family department will be on site and, together with doris fery, will be available for questions and information after the reading. All interested parties are welcome to attend the event

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