Ihk honors animal welfare initiative for its training

Ihk honors animal welfare initiative for its training

"Recognized training company" and "training company 2020 – lukas kagerbauer, head of vocational training at the wurzburg-schweinfurt chamber of commerce and industry, presented this certificate and a seal of approval to the animal shelter run by the habberge animal protection initiative on behalf of all active training companies in the mainfranken chamber of commerce and industry district. This was announced by the IHK on tuesday.

"The commitment of mainfranken companies to the training of young people cannot be overestimated. The seal makes this publicly visible", said kagerbauer at the handover to britta merkel, the director of the animal shelter. The habberge animal welfare initiative runs the habberge county animal shelter near zell as well as a wild animal sanctuary, focusing on the care of hedgehogs and squirrels. Through a young woman who completed the federal voluntary service at the animal shelter, the idea of training as an animal keeper was born and has been implemented since september 2019.

Currently, almost 2200 companies in mainfranken are training for jobs in industry, commerce and the service sector. 153 of these companies were newly added in 2019 after the IHK had tested them for their suitability for vocational training. The quality seal for the current IHK training companies has become established: at many company entrances, you can see the upwardly stretched thumb with the current year number.

Companies whose trainees pass their final examinations with the grade "very good" can document this with an additional seal of approval. This seal was awarded on behalf of ELSO elbe gmbh& co. KG hofheim handed over.

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