It works without surgery

It works without surgery

In cooperation with the volkshochschule (VHS) and, as of this year, also with the senior citizens’ advisory council of the city of habfurt, the habberg clinics will continue to offer a series of free health lectures in 2019. Monday, 29. April, lectures from 19.30 o’clock dr. Olaf anders in the small hall of the habfurt town hall on the topic of "joint wear and tear – does it always have to be operated on right away??". The lecture is free of charge. Registration is not necessary, as the municipal enterprise habberg-kliniken announced.

"Cure of arthrosis is not possible", explains dr. Olaf anders. Once you suffer from arthritis, you can only treat the symptoms, but you can’t fight the causes. "The aim is to alleviate symptoms as much as possible and, despite the illness, to achieve a better quality of life."

With an estimated five million people affected in germany alone, osteoarthritis has long been considered a widespread disease. The tendency is, according to figures of the german arthrosis help, rising. More than two million people have pain in the affected joints every day. In most cases, not only one, but up to six areas of the body are affected.

About causes, treatment options, but also about how to prevent osteoarthritis, reports dr. Olaf anders on monday, 29. April, from 19.30 o’clock, in the small hall of the stadthalle habfurt. The experienced physician, who has been working as head physician at the medical care center for accident surgery, surgery and orthopaedics for a good year, wants to put a special focus on the knee joint. This, together with the hands, fingers or hoof, is most often affected by the disease.

"Osteoarthritis is defined as "advanced wear and tear of the cartilage of the joints", the physician states. "The transition is gradual and progressive", explains olaf anders. In most cases, articular cartilage degeneration develops as a result of overuse or injury. Too much body weight, an accident or incorrect stress can accelerate wear and tear.

The risk increases with age

Older people suffer more often from arthrosis than younger ones. From 60. Half of women and one-third of men are affected by osteoarthritis before the age of 30. Only 1.6 percent.

In his lecture, dr. Olaf anders also show how the disease can be treated in general and specifically in habfurt. The approaches range from conservative therapies with drugs, injections, acupuncture or physiotherapy to surgical procedures such as endoprosthetic joint replacement. This should only ever be the last possible option.

In three centers

"In habfurt and also in our two other orthopaedic MVZ branches in eltmann and hofheim, we are lucky enough to offer the entire orthopaedic therapy spectrum from conservative to surgical", explains dr. Olaf anders. "Each of our physicians has his or her personal therapy focus. As a whole, a well-founded opinion can be given on almost every orthopaedic, surgical clinical picture."

Remains the question of what can be done to not get arthrosis. "Prevention is possible", says dr. Olaf differently and mentions both a healthy behavior and a predominantly plant-based diet, but also a lot of exercise and strengthening of the muscles as starting points

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