Kim kardashian west back in the weiben haus

Kim kardashian west back in the weiben haus

U.S. Television star kim kardashian west (38, "keeping up with the kardashians") visited the weiben haus once again.

Kardashian west spoke out for the reintegration of released offenders into working life at an event hosted by U.S. President donald trump on thursday. "It really is such an honor to be here today," she said. Kardashian west is currently training to be a lawyer. She is learning a lot, she said.

Last summer, the reality star campaigned in washington to shorten the life sentence of a woman convicted of drug-related offenses in the 1990s. Trump granted jail sentence, woman released. Kardashian west has since advocated for reforms in the penal system, which trump also supports.

Kardashian is the daughter of celebrity lawyer robert kardashian (1944-2003), who was the trial attorney in the spectacular 1995 murder trial of former football star O.J. Simpson on the defense team.

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