Kothen has the superstar

Kothen has the superstar

Under the motto "kothen is looking for the superstars" the real superstar at the kothen kindergarten festival had already been found. As of last week, to coincide with the kindergarten's 30th anniversary, the basic structure of a two-level playhouse is ready but waiting to be conquered. The kids were not allowed to storm it yet, because the floor of the second level, as well as the bar area in the "first floor" are are not ready yet.

After the water damage last year, kindergarten director sandra reith approached jochen seidenthal, whose grandson jayden attends the kindergarten, with a view to possible improvements. The kindergarten party was also supposed to raise money for a climbing frame through sales and donations. Jochen seidenthal, however, "spontaneously said 'yes'", when sandra reith proposed the construction of a climbing frame of their own. There were different catalog models, all around 4000 euro expensive.

All helped together
"Freely planned" jochen seidenthal had it checked and approved by the technician of rensch-haus. Rensch-haus contributed the wood for and the fabrication of the basic structure, the upper gelander and the staircase were made by the company paltian with wood sponsored by the sagewerk kompel. When the "superstar" completed the st. Brunowerk to carry out the final inspection of the construction and regular inspections.

The kindergarten children had a professional performance "kothen is looking for the superstars" shown. All the clubs in kothen and speicherz, represented by the kindergarten children, competed for the winner's place. Fruit and gardening club, music club kothen, soldiers and warriors comradeship, fire department club and DJK had put together a colorful program for the show stage. Because of the rain, the performances were moved to the church.

The jury decided unanimously
The jury with silvie (sophia schafer), heino (kilian loch) and dieter (nico neubert) unexpectedly unanimously praised: "very great" and "hammermabig and the vote across the board was "three yeses".
In the end the decision was clear: "kothen is the superstar", what was celebrated at the following party in the kindergarten with a tombola, a beer box slide and a magic show with magic patrick.

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