Lautertal kindergarten children to be better protected in future

Lautertal kindergarten children to be better protected in future

To limit the amount of free space, the kindergarten "klecks" is being a new fence raised to 1.60 meters erected. With the resolution, which was passed with five votes against, the municipal council is meeting the long-standing demands of the kindergarten management and the parents’ council. Fence construction costs the community around 10,500 euros.

The reason for this was an incident with a burger who had probably distributed substitutes to the children several times at the fence, which was still 1.10 meters high. Parents and kindergarten management felt that this would endanger the safety of the little ones. The proposal from the parents’ council and the kindergarten management was discussed at the council meeting in august. However, the decision of the committee was reversed. The administration was given the task of first examining other options, for example, whether the removal of bushes and an improvement in the staffing of the supervision would also be sufficient.

For this purpose, the 7. October a local meeting of the administration, kindergarten management, parents’ council, representatives of the police, the district administration and the church took place. "There was no unanimous opinion", informed mayor karl kolb at the meeting. Bush clearing and leveling of the corresponding landing areas are also not alternatives to a new fence. "The cost factor is not decisive when it comes to increasing the safety of children, which is a matter close to the heart of every local council member. No matter what he decides on the matter", kolb said before the vote. "We should take parents’ concerns very seriously", stressed third mayor hans rauscher. The fence must be so high that no one from outside can lift a child over it.

Staff can’t afford it

Before the vote, the councillors discussed the issue. "Where do we start and where do we stop??", manfred menzel gave his opinion. Pia hohn from the kindergarten management explained that the staffing level is too low and it is hardly possible to keep an eye on the children. Often, there is only one supervisor, and the staffing formula doesn’t allow for more. In corona times it is even more difficult. Although the children are instructed to stay in the viewing area, this also takes away a lot of their freedom to play on the grassy area. "I can’t imagine objectively that a higher fence would solve the problems here", bernd wicklein declared. "We are setting a precedent. What about the container kindergarten, the ‘kunterbunt’ or even the forest kindergarten?? Let’s keep our feet on the ground, shall we?. The ‘blob’ is in a residential area, we have neighboring residential development and the childcare is during daylight hours."

"When children’s safety is at risk, the municipality must take action. Costs should not be the primary concern. But at the on-site meeting, the authorities also emphasized that "there is no immediate danger in the current situation", said second mayor martin rebhan. "We are rubbing away an intact fence, even though the ordinances for the design of kindergarten open spaces do not say anything about higher limits. We have to decide on the basis of such guidelines from the authorities and not just on the basis of our gut feeling. Maybe in a few years 160 centimeters high won’t be enough for some people again? The question for us should be, how do we counteract such incriminations of children with reasonable means?." Norbert seitz said that the opportunity should now be taken to erect a higher fence with manageable means and thus reassure parents and relieve the burden on staff.

Finally, the committee also discussed whether a privacy screen should be installed so that children could not be touched by the pigeons. Hildegard engelhard voted vehemently against it: "we shouldn’t take away the children’s idyll with something like this."

Finally, the decisions to raise the fence and award the contract were made.

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