Mobile phone site and traffic island drive the wiesenthauer around

mobile phone site and traffic island drive the wiesenthauer around

An unusually large number of citizens attended the meeting of the town council in wiesenthau. The main reason was the application for the erection of an aspired antenna support with three mobile radio antennas on a building in the center of wiesenthau. The mast and equipment are to be around eight meters high, which together with the building will make it around 14 meters high, as mayor bernd drummer (BGW) explained. "We have to decide whether there are objections under building law, not whether it is harmful or not", said drummer. An unfounded veto could overrule the district office forchheim. Further values would have to be checked by the district authority anyway. Then an adversarial, but objective discussion developed, whereby a visible discomfort was noticeable. "The listeners are sitting here because of the radiation. We have a school and kindergarten close by. One makes it outside", community councilor josef weisel (BGW) took a clear stance.

Everywhere outside

"Everywhere are these transmission towers above, I do not like it", meant seriously messingschlager (DS). Theobald messingschlager (NL) also agreed. Hans bohmer (BGW) explained that the operator must comply with the values, which, according to mayor drummer, cannot be judged here. "We all use smartphones and complain about the towers", karl krolopper (NL) gave to consideration. Bad reception, as was heard in the discussion, in some areas of the municipality. "We needed an alternative site", stimulated michael schupferling.

Site survey

There had been an inquiry about the location from the operator, explained mayor drummer, which was also confirmed by the head of the company, matthias zeissner. The municipality was unable to offer anything. "I have a stomach ache and can’t agree with the site as it stands", councilman christian weisel stated. He demanded more co-determination for the site. Zeissner suggested initially rejecting the application on the basis of this very argument and calling for co-determination. The discussion revealed: there is still a lot of need for clarification. With 10:2 votes the community council followed this proposal.

For cyclists

"Already it is not, but it has a positive side effect", said councilman josef messingschlager (DS). He was referring to the new, little-loved crossing aid for cyclists on the outskirts of schlaifhausen in the direction of dietzhof. According to initial observations, it decelerates the traffic in the locality. It is largely completed, the bike path is not yet officially in operation. Since the traffic island is located in the local area, the municipality has the duty to provide illumination. Therefore, a corresponding order was placed with bayernwerk for 10.827 euro decided. As before, there is little understanding of the cycle path through the village planned by the district administration of forchheim. Logically and meaningfully it would be according to opinion of the local council to drive the cycle track after the narrow place along in the area dorfacker further along the circle road and to bring also the fubganger of the busy road.

Turning lane into the commercial area

195.000 euro must take the municipality after an agreement with the district forchheim into the hand for the turning lane on the circle road at the commercial area "dorfacker" in schlaifhausen. The inspection is being carried out in connection with the renovation of the county road and is thus allegedly still more favorable than if it had been an individual inspection. For the operation of the road, the district incurs additional service costs, which are covered by a one-time payment of 17.000 euro to be paid by the municipality.

The expansion of the daycare center also continues. The necessary fire protection report and the structural design were commissioned. The energetic renovation of the elementary school in wiesenthau, for which there is a demand promise, is also being considered.

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