“Second connection is important for heuchelheim”

The way has been paved for a second link between the heuchelheim district and the future new route of the state highway: at their meeting, the city council approved – with one vote against – the proposal of interior minister joachim herrmann. With all the consequences, that is, that the city after the construction of the new state road the old branch in the direction of heuchelheim as a gemeindestrabe including maintenance uberberberbernehmen. The costs for the construction of the new link, including a left-turn lane, were also approved by the city council members.

The council attached one condition to its decision: if there are savings compared to the existing plan, they should be "offset" the costs that will be incurred by the city will be. Peter giehl () even believes that the cost savings could outweigh the cost of the left-turn lane. Because with a new planning, other access possibilities could arise for agricultural traffic. In the previous planning, a separate path was planned for the agricultural sector parallel to the new trench road.

All this remains to be seen, stressed mayor georg zipfel (). He recalled that the city councils had demanded the heuchelheimer spange by resolution. "This was in the balance, but was overturned by a clumsy letter from the heuchelheimers. Now we have to swallow this rubbish." With the letter of the minister of the interior a possibility is offered, however, to aggravated conditions. "We said A and now we have to stand by it", zipfel countered the committee. He did not have to do any convincing, because with the exception of alfred schuster (independent community of citizens), everyone was in favor of the proposed path. Schuster pointed out the risk of accidents, the consequential costs and an increase in sealed surfaces.

"This stabbing is important for heuchelheim and the money is easily recovered by shorter ways", explained winfried gerner (CSU). "If we don’t do this now, we’ll never get the second access road again", said rainer herdegen (SPD). "The connection is more than reasonable", found johannes krapp (CSU). However, krapp received a sharp rebuke from the mayor, because he thought that the turnoff would not have been given for free without the letter from heuchelheim. So far, no city has ever had to participate in the left-turn lane, zipfel told him. The rush from heuchelheim has cost the city "a lot of money". Since there is still no planning law for the eastern route, the city must enter into negotiations again, mayor zipfel pointed out the way forward. "We are starting the fight all over again!"

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