The new principal introduces himself in the town hall

The new principal introduces himself in the town hall

The new principal of the neudrossenfeld school introduced himself to the members of the market town council at their youngest meeting. Michael zeitler was previously a teacher at the middle and business school in neuenmarkt, now he is replacing anja buchdrucker. He has lived in muckenreuth for many years, but now lives with his family in bayreuth. Zeitler is married and has four children between the ages of two and 13.

Zeitler hopes for volunteers

"I only applied for the position of school principal when the job was advertised for the second time, and i’m so pleased that it worked out", said zeitler during his inaugural visit to the municipal council. He also had a message for the council: "we are still missing a few elements in the all-day area – something technical", zeitler explained and hopes for volunteers who might offer projects for wednesday afternoons.
The principal is not the only new addition to the neudrossenfeld school, by the way. Thomas kilian started work as a janitor at the neudrossenfeld school at the beginning of the school year.
The municipality of neudrossenfeld wants to reorganize its flood protection system. Head of administration rainer schimpf presented the situation around the erlgraben and introduced drone flights, which will be used to survey the landscape. In this way, ecological flood precautions could be taken. Next spring the landscape is to be surveyed.
The municipality of neudrossenfeld renounces membership in the general german bicycle club. A membership would cost more than 500 euros per year, explained mayor harald hubner (CSU). Franz klatt (SPD), who had suggested the membership, also found the membership fee for municipalities too high.

Building application triggers discussion

It almost came to a screeching halt when mayor harald hubner (CSU) put a building application on the agenda that involved a property owner wanting to erect a new roof on a building in the alte schmiede area. The roof is to be raised by one stone. First, the building owner had received a signal from the district office that the building was not subject to approval. But because of neighborhood and access disputes, a lawsuit has now been filed after all. "The roof is off, the man wants to build a new roof before winter comes", the neudrossenfeld mayor explained. Peter rosch () complained, however, that such an item could not simply – if not all council members were present – be put on the agenda. "But the project is completely unproblematic", said head of administration rainer schimpf. A discussion broke out. Finally, the council decided to forward the building application to the district office, stating that there was nothing to prevent the acceptance of the application. Rosch was also satisfied with the legal formalities.
The noise in the brucklein area is rougher than it used to be. The blame for this is probably the median barrier, the municipal council was informed. It reflects the noise of the freeway. Now burghers have complained, they demand that the autobahn directorate take measures to reduce the noise. In addition, the citizens wanted to obtain a speed limit of 70 km/h on the B 85. Bjorn sommerer (fug) noted that the situation is also relevant for the people of muckenreuth.

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