Three dead in terrorist attack in english park

Three dead in terrorist attack in english park

According to police, three people were killed in a terrorist attack in the british city of reading. Three other people were seriously injured in the incident on saturday evening.

A 25-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of murder. Police classify act as terrorist in nature. Background or possible motives for the crime were not initially known. The young man is a refugee from libya, according to consistent media reports.

He had attacked people in the forbury gardens in the middle of the city and had stabbed his victims indiscriminately. "The park was quite crowded, many people were sitting there drinking with friends, when a single person came along, suddenly shouted some incomprehensible words, attacked a group of about ten people and tried to stab them," the sky news channel quoted an eyewitness as saying.

The attacker is no stranger to the MI5 domestic intelligence service, as the british broadcaster BBC reported. He had already attracted attention in 2019 for wanting to travel to syria, he said. According to the british news agency PA, psychological problems may also have played a role in the terrorist attack.

The city reading with about 160.000 inhabitants lies about 70 kilometers west of the british capital. Police rejected speculation that the attack could have been linked to a demonstration by the "black lives matter" movement in the park on the same day. "The whole thing happened three hours after the conclusion of the rally," a statement from investigators read.

"This is a truly tragic incident and the thoughts of thames valley police are with all those affected," said police chief john campbell. The police warned against speculation. She urged citizens to share any video footage of the crime with investigators, but not to share it on social media.

Prime minister boris johnson thanked all emergency workers. Interior minister priti patel tweeted that she was "deeply concerned". She spoke of a "senseless attack on people who simply wanted to enjoy a saturday evening with families and friends".

Terrorist attacks occur again and again in england – especially in london. A man injured three people in a knife attack in the south of the capital only at the beginning of february. This act was claimed by the terrorist militia islamic state (IS).

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