Trump: sufficient tests for loosening of corona restrictions

Trump: sufficient tests for loosening of corona restrictions

U.S. President donald trump has rejected criticism of his administration over lack of testing for coronavirus. "We’re in very good shape in testing, and we’re getting better all the time," he said at his daily press conference at the weiben haus.

Trump faulted some state governors for not understanding what testing capabilities in private labs they had access to.


U.S. Vice president mike pence said the white house coronavirus task force he led pointed out the labs’ capacities and addresses to each governor during a phone call. "To the best of our estimates, we now have sufficient testing capacity for every state in america to enter the first phase."

Republican trump’s guidelines call for loosening protections in three phases for states if certain criteria are met – including decreasing caseloads over 14 days before entering each phase. Across party lines, governors had in recent days accused the trump administration of not providing enough tests. Blanket testing is seen as a prerequisite for trump’s goal of gradually reopening the economy.


Meanwhile, protests continued against the protection cuts in the U.S. Dozens of people gathered outside the state capitol in harrisburg, pennsylvania, on monday. The protesters stood close together, holding placards demanding "freedom" and an end to "tyranny". In the past few days, there had been similar demonstrations in several democratic and republican-ruled states. Trump had defended the demonstrators, even though they were ultimately protesting his own policies.

Several U.S. Media outlets reported that hospital workers got in the way of participants in a motorcade in denver, colorado, on sunday. Video showed a woman screaming at a man in hospital clothes and a protective mask who had stood on the street in front of her car. She held up a sign reading "land of the free" to him.


In the debate over a return to normalcy in the u.S., virologist and presidential advisor anthony fauci warned against rash moves. "As painful as it is", it is necessary to follow the careful guidelines for a gradual reopening, fauci told the U.S. Station ABC. "If we don’t get the virus under control, the real economic recovery will not happen."


As of monday evening local time, there are more than 780 people in the U.S. Who have been convicted of felonies, according to a survey by johns hopkins university.000 confirmed infections with the coronavirus – by far more than in any other country in the world. More than 42.000 people died as a result of covid 19 disease. Trump denies that the U.S. Is actually the country with the most fatalities. He accuses china of concealing the true death toll there.

The state of new york has suffered the most victims in the USA. Whose democratic governor andrew cuomo is expected to visit the weiben house this tuesday, trump said. The visit came about at cuomo’s request. Trump and cuomo had been sharply critical of each other in the interim crisis.

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